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Alternative Central Banking

The Issuance of quality marked ethical and socially responsible currency 

which also functions as an investment vehicle

ACG's currencies are meant to serve the peoples interest.


The government fiat money system is inflation based and transfers

wealth from the lower layer to the higher layer of society. 

95% of the worlds total money supply is used by financial markets to speculate.

The real economy is being depleted by this anti social money system.

We offer an investment vehicle to put this excess money supply back

to work in the real economy.

Wages are under pressure by robotizing jobs, exporting jobs and inflation.

Cutting wages is like cutting trees that delivers oxygen to the economy.

Trees need to be replaced to prevent economic suffocation.

Our solution is to convert Euro's / Dollars into regional complementary

currencies and keep it locked up and away from wealth displacement, 

unethical investing and unsustainable spending

We call it "profit sharing"

A GDP backed monetary system which uses business profits to hand out freely

to our currency users which can only be spent in our ecosystem to maximize

economic growth by smart channeling money trough the various layers of the economy.

Your money is like a boomerang, if you throw it right then you'll cash it back.

We give our currency users a part of the profits to spend it back in the community.

Today's alternative local currencies like the bristol pound an Wirbank

already have proven to be beneficial for local economic growth.

With our solution we'll scale up complementary currencies and

take it to next level.

Important Note!

Have you thought about how to deal with the baby boomer mass retirement shift?

In the US alone 80 million people will retire in the next 10 years. Many of which leaving behind solvent small and mid size businesses.

The Question is, Who is going to take over those businesses and with what kind of capital?

We intend to institutionalize and capitalize on the big retirement shift. 

Let the idea of alternative central banking sink into your consciousness.

Our profit sharing monetary design is a more advanced form of

Universal Basic Income UBI

Wages are trees giving oxygen to the economy and need to be replaced after

cutting them to balance demand with economic output.