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Native Catalonian currency


Native Dutch digital complementary currency

Dutch currency

The Dutch society is an advanced society and treats ethics as a sensitive subject.

In the Netherlands we recently witnessed is a political shift. During the regional elections 

a political party named "Forum for Democracy" made a historical gain which was never witnessed before. This shift is due to the unsatisfactory sentiment among the Dutch citizens. Its stance against the Euro currency is negative but yet there is

no other option. Many scandals are at the bases of the public discontent.


One example is that recently a hidden government entity approved help to Syrian opposition forces by facilitating Toyota pickup trucks to later get equipped with mounted machine guns.

It turned out that many opposition forces where connected to Y'all Qeida and other terrorist groups. The decision was made without the knowledge of the Dutch parliament. 


This is a good ethical example why a complementary currency would solve these unpopular

waste of tax money by converting Euro's into a currency and keep it out of harms way.