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You don't need paper money to run a currency. It is software that enables the functioning 

of a digital currency. A mobile device with an internet connection is required to take part in our currencies. The digital nature makes payment transactions just as easy as sending an

email or an app.

The convertibility of fiat currencies to alternative currencies and vice versa are made easy trough 

the flexibility of finch solutions.


Due to its digital flexibility we can apply monetary rule sets that are beneficial for the designated region


-geo fencing which makes spending outside the regional perimeter impossible,

-penalization of capital flight.

-Discount deals with companies restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

To present a currency as an additional form of choice next to the existing currency will need a renewed view from the public. Trough an extensive media campaign using traditional and online media we will make the general public consider using a currency that will offer a solution

for many societal issues.

By setting up criteria for a currency, we can quality mark a currency.


Example criteria are the prevention of:

-Involvement in arms manufacturing and financing war

-Excess deficit spending 

-Excess credit creation

-Artificially inflated prices

-Finance of unpopular political agenda's

People, merchants, and government offices can participate easily in payment transactions

trough the use of mobile applications. It's a matter of downloading the needed applications to start participating. After a KYC check and a connection to their credit card or bank account can they start converting currencies and start participating in the improvement of their own economic environment.

Choosing the right circumstance. There needs to be a reason for the public to start 

using an alternative currency!

Solving problems is one reason and incentivizing users is the other way. 

Venezuela is a good case study for people using alternative currencies by providing them with a solution, The necessity for sound currency shows the willingness of the public to change their behavior under certain conditions. 

Due to bad economic circumstances the public found a way to circumvent the hyper inflationary

conditions through the use of cryptographic currencies without any central planing. 

In Venezuelas case they only have the option to use crypto currencies which have the downside of heavy price fluctuation and speculation.  

Even the Government is experimenting with a cryptographic currency called the Petro

to circumvent the embargo on the country. 1 Petro is pegged to the price of 1 barrel of oil.

However, Incentivizing the public trough reward to participate in an alternative currency can be done trough giving them the direct benefits.

Our free give away (airdrop) program will be the main driver to let people start using our currency

Bristol Pound and Wirbank are the case studies where the positive incentives to start using an alternative currency are proven for a fact.

As a result the local economies revenue has risen in between 5 to 15% because the prevention of capital flight and an increase of the money velocity.

The 5 to 15% profit margin can yet again be monetized on giving customers a discount when payed with the alternative currency thus increasing the publics purchasing power.

Looking for places to engage with an alternative currency should comply to an array of factors. Unsatisfied public, populism, political, ethical, poverty and various other economic and

societal motives.

They all need to be aligned to designate a region to apply for the alternative currency solution. 

A few area's of intrest are:

-Paris and surrounding area

 The yellow vest protesters tell us a story comparable with the Arab spring in 2011. Simply said

life became too expensive and the government was blamed for it. The public discontent calls for action. The deeply rooted economic problems can be partially answered trough a currency with an

adjusted monetary policy to stimulate a more locally based economy.


Spain's province Catalonia has yet a unique ethnic situation that strives for more autonomy.

The willingness to meet its goal is unprecedented for today's Europe. Our solution for Catalonia is providing them with a regional currency named "CAT" that will not only stimulate regional growth but will also ad strength to the Catalonian ideology for more autonomy.


The Netherlands as a whole is designated as a target area for an alternative currency.

Economically it's a strong country, so why do we see the need for an additional currency? The 

answer is ethics. Ethics is where the Dutch people are very sensitive about. Recently there was a historically unprecedented political shift where a new political party won the regional elections with a majority. The public discontent about the hypocrisy partially made this possible.

A few examples which shows why;

-Unauthorized and undemocratic financial support was given to opposition fighters in Syria, which later turned out to be IS affiliates. This shocked the nation.

-Financial institutions still are involved in unethical conduct like the recent money launder scandal

of INGbank

-The tax exemption laws supported by the Dutch government are considered as unlawful and unethical by the Dutch public.


These areas have a combination of factors that are distinguishable from each othe

and yet suitable for our mission:

-France's issues are poverty based

-Catalonian matters are inclined to Ethnical motives.

-Dutch problems with economical and political ethics

An alternative currency in effect is nothing more than a coupon system comparable with a supermarket coupon ore a subway station coupon.

Even big brands like Apple use Apple credits which you can buy to do purchases in their stores.

JPMorgan Chase recently launched it’s own digital currency where you can convert your dollars into JPcoin's

In a democracy there is no legislation restricting a currency put up this way.

Thats why we call this an alternative "complementary" currency.

A complementary currency is a fixed priced peg to the national legal tender and tax payments are still obligated to pay with the national currency.

There is no law in Europe that prohibits the use of this setup.