Pza. Mar 1-4, esc. A, 4º2ª 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Tel. +34671429328

We are planing to raise capital trough a digital security token offering (STO).

There will be a STO for every project we start, which means every complementary currency

project we launch in its designated region will be treated as a different security token.

-Our starting project is named "Cat" and its designated region is Catalonia in Spain.

  By investing in the Cat security you invest in the ownership of the project.

-Our second project is called the "Florijn" which is being deployed in the Netherlands.

  There will be a separate security token created for our Dutch project.

Every project will contain an inventory of;

-solvent businesses

-currency user base

-transaction fees

As our success continues to grow we will expand into new regions with our complementary currencies to develop genuine GDP backed growth to benefit the public while being an investment vehicle for large speculative money to invest back into the real economy.

Of all the money existent in the world only 5% flows in the real economy.

Time to go get the rest of the 95% back where it belongs.